Summer Reading: 20 Ways to Read 20 Minutes a Day

June 4, 2017

By Shannon McClintock Miller

We have heard a lot of research focused around the impact that reading to a child for at least 20 minutes a day, three times a week, can make. In fact, it has been said that our readers will be ready for school; will become successful, confident readers; will get better grades throughout school; will be more likely to succeed in life; and will have higher self-esteem and be happier as a young person and adult.  

According to the article Why Read 20 from the Read 20 website, reading builds early literacy skills, listening, builds relationships, and academic performance. Plus,  practice makes perfect when it comes to reading, which is supported over and over when children read for 20 minutes each day.

The stories and songs from Cantata Learning are the perfect match for bringing 20 minutes of reading to your students and into homes everyday. In fact, Cantata Learning is perfect for bringing 20 minutes of reading anywhere!  

Here are 20 ways to use Cantata Learning for reading 20 minutes a day:

  1. Every one of the Cantata Learning books are a meaningful combination of engaging stories and fun songs which will captivate learners of all ages. Children LOVE singing as they learn, and about what they already know, and in 20 minutes several of the books can be read.  
  2. Children also love singing nursery rhymes and familiar tunes. Cantata Learning has lots of favorites including On Top of Old Smoky and You Are My Sunshine.
  3. The delightful illustrations will draw readers into the stories.  
  4. Readers will relate to the diverse collection of characters in the books.  
  5. With the CD included in the back of each Cantata Learning book, they are easy to play when making dinner and singing together as a family.
  6. You can pop the CDs into your vehicle as you are driving to summer events or on summer vacation. This will keep their learning on the move all summer long.
  7. There are several science series from Cantata Learning such as My First Science Songs set that are perfect to tie into researching using PebbleGo Science.
  8. Put several Cantata Learning books in a basket for your babysitter to share on a rainy day or before resting time each day.
  9. The Cantata Learning story time videos are a nice way for children to be read to online.  In these videos, I read the book as the illustrations come to life.
  10. Send a few of the Cantata Learning books along when children go to visit grandparents and other relatives. They will create special reading time with loved ones.  
  11. Children love wearing earbuds and headphones. Make it fun for them to have their own and bring them with you to ball games and other summer events. They can get them out and listen quietly to Cantata Learning songs whenever they wish.  
  12. You can turn reading into a dance party with Cantata Learning.  
  13. Teach children how to play games like Ring Around the Rosie with Cantata Learning.  They can get in exercise while they read.  
  14. Listen to Cantata Learning while learning how to bake something new in the kitchen.  How about reading and singing The Muffin Man when learning about baking muffins?
  15. While in the kitchen baking, you can also tie in measuring and math. Cantata Learning has several math titles that bring this subject to life.  
  16. Summer time is a great time to be outside taking care of the yard, and the Cantata Learning series Me, My Friends, My Community: Caring for our Planet set would fit right into this work! It would be fun to learn to compost and recycle together by singing and reading these books.  
  17. Before taking a walk, read and sing titles from the Tangled Tunes: On The Move set such as Red Light, Red Light, What Do You Say? This is a terrific way to read for 20 minutes while learning about safety too.
  18. Pick out a favorite animal and research it using the Animal World: Song About Animal Adaptations set from Cantata Learning and PebbleGo Animals. Take this one step further and have children create an animal out of craft materials or draw it on paper. They can even make their very own mixed-up animal like the ones described in this post.
  19. Since the music is available online, it is super easy to get to the music and play it anywhere! Readers can either scan the QR code on the book or go to the Cantata Learning website to find every song. And like I mentioned earlier, the music is available on the CD in the back of each book too.
  20. When working on skills over the summer such as brushing teeth and healthy eating, the Taking Care of Myself set from Cantata Learning is an awesome way to tie in reading while learning important skills. And these are songs they won’t forget! I still remember my mom singing a little song to me as I brushed my teeth every night.  

As you can see, using Cantata Learning is such a meaningful way to bring 20 minutes of reading to children every day. The possibilities are endless in the difference these stories and songs will make in the lives of our readers. 

Why Read 20 Minutes a Day, K12 Reader