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Rhythms and Rhymes Harmony Project April 4, 2016

We are so excited to launch the next Harmony Project—Rhythms and Rhymes Global Project! This project is all about nursery rhymes and folk songs. They’re such a great teaching resource and kids can’t resist them! Word and letter recognition, basic math concepts, and phonemic awareness are just a few of the ways you can use nursery rhymes and folk songs with your students.

We want to know your ideas!

Share your lesson and project ideas with us and our community through our Rhythms and Rhymes Global Project.

The only rule for Rhythms and Rhymes is that you use nursery rhymes or folk songs as the basis for your lesson or project. So get as creative as you can about how to incorporate these songs!

All of the projects will be compiled into an eBook that will be shared so that teachers and librarians around the world can get ideas and inspiration for using nursery rhymes and folk songs.


Rhythms and Rhymes Contest Winners Announced! April 4, 2016

Thank you to everyone who submitted videos to our Rhythms and Rhymes contest! Teacher Librarian Shannon McClintock Miller had a tough time choosing our five winners but here they are! Each will receive 30 Cantata Books!

Golden Terrace Intermediate (FL)
Rio Vista Elementary School Library (AZ)
West Birdville Elementary School (TX)
The Discovery School (TN)
Jennings Elementary School (CT)


Keep the learning going with our Rhythms and Rhymes Harmony Project!

The Rhythms and Rhymes contest was held to kick off our latest Harmony Project, Rhythms and Rhymes Global Activity. Nursery rhymes and folk songs have been used for generations to teach children many skills and lessons. We want to know how you’re using these classic songs with your students!

The Rhythm and Rhymes project is a way for educators around the world to share their ideas and lessons. Learn more about the project now!

Cantata Learning Launches Free Song of the Month! April 3, 2016


Songs encourage active learning, promote discussion, and help children remember what they learn. From reading and social studies to math and science, Cantata Learning songs support the curriculum.

With so many great songs available, we thought we would help you discover new songs to include in your lessons. So, we’ve launched our Song of the Month emails. Each month, you’ll receive a link to a free song you can either stream online or download. The songs we choose tie-in with topics or events you’re probably already planning on sharing with your students.

April’s Song of the Month is Kookaburra. This is a fun song to use during National Poetry Month to teach about rhyming but it also has great tie-ins with social studies and science. Check out this project Teacher Librarian Shannon McClintock Miller did with students in Australia using Kookaburra.

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Get Ideas & Inspiration to Transform Your School at WGEDD! March 31, 2016

April 8-9, 2016 | Katy Independent School District, Houston, TX


What Great Educators Do Differently is a relatively new event but it’s already creating waves among educators. The conference brings together passionate, innovative educators who are dedicated to continuous improvement—including Teacher Librarian Shannon McClintock Miller. This is one of Shannon’s favorite conferences and she took the time to share with us why.

The WGEED conference is all about providing passionate educators with strategies to help them transform the schools and classrooms in which they serve. What role do you see Teacher Librarians playing in transforming schools?

SMM: Teacher Librarians are one of the key players in transforming schools especially now with all of the new technology, resources, and new ways of learning. Teacher Librarians are needed more than ever; not just as a person but as the catalyst to build a community and a space to support kids with all kinds of learning opportunities from makerspaces and project based learning to eBooks. Teacher Librarians serve as role models for how to make connections with people and resources.

WGEED is a unique conference. What do you think makes it so special?

SMM: The title alone makes is special! The people who organize WGEDD are amazing. They’ve found a great group of inspiring educators to share their stories. Everyone is so engaged and really there with the intention of collaborating and learning. Everybody feels like they have a part in the learning that takes place. When you get that at a conference, that everyone is there to learn together and support each other, it is something really special.

Another focus of the conference is “libraries of the future.” What is your vision for the future of libraries?

SMM: Libraries need to continue to be the heart of the school and Teacher Librarians need to be leaders. I see school libraries as spaces where students feel welcome, secure and free to explore. Libraries are places of active engagement, learning and fun. What libraries provide and the role they play is changing because the information and resources we have are changing. Libraries are a place where everyone, students and teachers, can discover new things, experiment, put learning into action.

As a Teacher Librarian, take risks and chances. The library is not just within the four walls of the school anymore. The library can be anywhere. You can help students make connections all around the world.

What will attendees learn in your session?

SMM: I’ve got two sessions. In Great Educators Give Students a Voice!, I’ll be talking about how to empower kids to be able to embrace and talk about what is important to them and to be passionate about their own learning. I’ll share lots of stories about the kids I’ve worked with. Educators who attend Great Educators use Digital Tools to Connect, Create and Collaborate are going to go home with so many great digital tools they can use right away in their schools.

Is there a speaker you’re particularly looking forward to hearing?

SMM: I want to listen to everyone! Always love hearing Pernille Ripp. She’ll be talking about helping students fall in love with reading and creating passionate learning environments. I’ve known Joe Mazza for awhile but have never heard him speak so hearing his session, Great Educators Engage Family & the Community, will be a treat.

Learn more about WGEDD at whatgreateducatorsdodifferently.com.

April is National Poetry Month! March 31, 2016

hickory-dickory-dockThere are so many ways to use poetry in the classroom! From teaching rhyming and synonyms to identifying patterns and symmetry, poems can be used across the curriculum.

Many Cantata Learning songs are poems set to music. The music often helps kids engage more with the words and therefore increases comprehension. All of our songs are free to stream online or download. See what we’ve got that you can use for a lesson or two during April.


Lesson Ideas
We’ve compiled lesson ideas and resources on a new Pinterest board. Check it out!

Here are just a few of the creative ideas you’ll find on the board:

  1. Read a poem to students or have them select a poem to read on their own and then have them create an illustration.
  2. Write out the words to a favorite song. It can be a nursery rhyme or pop song—any song will work! Next, rewrite the words to create a new rhyming song! Stream or download Cantata Learning nursery rhymes for free.
  3. Have students research the lives of historical figures and write poems about those famous people.