3 Ways Music Can Support Future Ready Librarians

February 21, 2017

by Shannon McClintock Miller

There is a buzz in the air and it is that of Future Ready Librarians.  This amazing group is part of Future Ready Schools, supported by the Alliance for Excellence in Education, showcasing the leadership of teacher librarians within schools, libraries, and education globally everyday. Future Ready Librarians lift up these positions to lead the physical and digital transformation of learning and libraries, which we all know will make a difference within the lives of our students and throughout education.  

As Future Ready Librarians, we look for tools and resources to support this initiative and transformation. It is our job to bring engaging experiences and amazing products to our libraries that will support the learning that we want to take place. Music is one of these tools, with the ability to bring so many special experiences and celebrations to our libraries.

Let’s look at three ways music can support Future Ready Librarians and the communities that we serve by tying it into the wedges of the Future Ready Librarians Framework.

Music builds instructional partnerships

Future Ready Librarians partner with educators to integrate and develop experiences which promote deeper learning. Music can do just that! By tying in songs and stories that teach essential literacy concepts, such as those in the Sing, Read, Learn series from Cantata Learning, teacher librarians are supporting students and teachers as they build reading fluency. These instructional partnerships are essential in supporting students and language arts standards.

Music cultivates community partnerships

Future Ready Librarians cultivate partnerships within the school and throughout the community to support and cultivate lifelong learners. Music can bring these partnerships to life! For example, by presenting books in the Cantata Learning series Me, My Friends, My Community: Caring for our Planet, students will be engaged and get excited about concepts such as recycling, Earth Day, and planting trees. Music is a fun way to tie all of the pieces of a community together through a common song and theme when making a difference in these larger community concepts and causes.

Music supports collaborative spaces

Future Ready Librarians create and support flexible spaces which support creativity, promote inquiry and collaboration, and foster a sense of community that contributes to all learners. Music can be part of this collaborative space! It will generate a community which sings, celebrates, moves, and creates together. Music gives all students a voice and a chance to learn in a unique and special way. By bringing in books such as those found in the Fairy Tales Tunes series from Cantata Learning, students can sing and give new life to classic fairy tale characters and stories. What a wonderful way to celebrate these classics and support an important part of the language arts standards and early learning.  

As Future Ready Librarians, we have the power to make a difference.  One key way we can partner in making this difference come to life is through the mode of music. We can’t wait to see how you will use music to support your Future Ready Library too!  



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