April is National Poetry Month!

March 31, 2016

hickory-dickory-dockThere are so many ways to use poetry in the classroom! From teaching rhyming and synonyms to identifying patterns and symmetry, poems can be used across the curriculum.

Many Cantata Learning songs are poems set to music. The music often helps kids engage more with the words and therefore increases comprehension. All of our songs are free to stream online or download. See what we’ve got that you can use for a lesson or two during April.


Lesson Ideas
We’ve compiled lesson ideas and resources on a new Pinterest board. Check it out!

Here are just a few of the creative ideas you’ll find on the board:

  1. Read a poem to students or have them select a poem to read on their own and then have them create an illustration.
  2. Write out the words to a favorite song. It can be a nursery rhyme or pop song—any song will work! Next, rewrite the words to create a new rhyming song! Stream or download Cantata Learning nursery rhymes for free.
  3. Have students research the lives of historical figures and write poems about those famous people.