Cantata Learning Titles Featured in Midwest Book Review’s MBR: Bookwatch

May 26, 2016

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From the Tangled Tunes series of Cantata Learning, “The Muffin Man” is a delightful storybook/music/CD combo package that sets the scene for the song story about “The Muffin Man,” who bakes and sells delicious muffins, and lives on Drury Lane. Bright, comical, stylized illustrations reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s decorate each page of treasured song lyrics, encouraging children to imagine the tale themselves as they hear and sing along with the song. A funny brown dog named Cupcake accompanies the Muffin Man throughout his day, cleaning up stray crumbs and spills with hilarious efficiency, and shepherding the baker home from his shop when the day is done. “The Muffin Man” is completed with song lyrics, all verses, musical notation for the song, a glossary, suggested guided reading activities, and a list of related books in a section titled To Learn More. “The Muffin Man” is suitable for children ages 3-8, with interest level of pre-K through grade 3, and reading level 1-3. “The Muffin Man” book and CD is a splendid presentation of a classic rhyming story that reinforces the development of early learning skills, including physical, cognitive, and social and emotional learning.


Another book CD combo set from the Tangled Tunes series that is also very highly recommended is “Rain, Rain, Go Away (978632903600, $25.49),” by Steven Anderson, illustrated by Misa Saburi. This book introduces that familiar nursery rhyme song as follows: “On rainy days you get stuck inside. You can’t go out to play. And there are so many fun things to do outside. Sometimes, don’t you wish you could tell the rain to go away and it would? To try doing that, turn the page and sing along!” Contrasting sunny and rainy paintings compare the day’s different moods and activities, including mother, father, brother, sister, friends, and pets. “Rain, Rain, Go Away” ends with a page of complete song lyrics, a vocal piano song score, an accompanying CD performance of the song, guided reading activities, and a To Learn More section listing related books for children ages 3-8.


Still another Book/CD combo pack from the Tangled Tunes series of Cantata Learning that is very highly recommended is “Home on the Range (9781632903754, $25.49),” by Steven Anderson, illustrated by Maxime Lebrun. Appealing to children ages 3-8, this fun illustrated beloved classic song presents some quirky new twists on the concept of musicians singing on the range. The human musicians are ably amplified and assisted by animals, including deer, antelope, and even a howling coyote! “Home On the Range” is completed by a CD performance of the song, song lyrics, vocal music score, a glossary, guided reading activities, and a To Learn More section listing related books of interest.