Dot Day with Michael Dahl!

September 27, 2017


As a company passionate about sparking creativity in childhood, celebrating Dot Day is right up our alley! This year, we were so excited to host a Google Hangout between two elementary schools and acclaimed author (and witty, super creative, kid at heart, fun human!) Michael Dahl.



Librarians from Texas and North Carolina joined us via Google Hangout with their elementary students in their libraries to catch up with Michael and enjoy a little Dot Day creative inspiration. Michael mesmerized his student audiences with his playful office and patiently answered many questions ranging from how he got started in his writing career to the specifics of his writing process.



Michael gave us two important lessons during this awesome hangout. First, he walked us through a couple of wonderful writing exercises. He talked about character development and went through a fun exercise around that process too. He also explained how using 3 out of the 5 senses can really help bring a story or a character to life. He showed students how to use their senses to describe their writing in a way that “shows” rather than “tells”. Ever a kid at heart, Michael knew that using a concrete object for the exercise would resonate better with the students so they took turns describing a paper airplane.



Michael also talked about the creative process and shared how writing can be an outlet for many things, including processing going through a natural disaster such as the recent hurricanes. He expressed that everybody is unique and we all have our stories to tell. It’s important to not judge yourself and devalue your ideas based on how you think they compare to someone else’s.



These heartfelt words of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration will stay will these students for a long time. We have so much appreciation for Michael and the classes that participated in this fun, entertaining, and meaningful Dot Day celebration. We’re already looking forward to next year!!