Get into the Rhythm of Summer Reading!

April 16, 2016

Spring is in the air which means summer reading is right around the corner! We all know how important reading is to prevent the “summer slide.” Here are a few ways you can support and encourage summer reading with your students.

Give families a head’s up
Parents and caregivers are busy making all kinds of plans for the summer but summer reading may not be on their radar. Send this tipsheet home to families to give them ideas about how to incorporate reading into their daily summer activities.


Read, sing, learn

Encourage kids and their families to make reading an interactive experience. Singing, hand motions and acting out stories all bring words to life and keep kids engaged while building literacy skills.

Cantata Learning books each include a song. Families can download Cantata songs for free to their computers, smartphones or mobile devices. They’re perfect for sing-alongs on long summer roadtrips, or for just a quick trip to the store!


Put students in charge

A 2015 study conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center showed that summer reading programs can be made significantly more effective by letting kids choose the books they read.

As the school year winds down, make building a summer reading list a project for your students. Have them identify topics they’re interested in and help them find titles to match. You could even have students share their summer reading lists with one another and encourage them to write short reviews that they post on your school’s LMS or social media channels.

Happy summer reading to you and your students!