How Does Music Inspire You and Your Students?

March 16, 2017

By Shannon McClintock Miller

I loved school.

I remember a lot of things about my favorite classrooms and teachers growing up. One of the things that stands out most are those who played and used music: singing nursery rhymes in kindergarten; learning the states and capitals in 4th grade; and feeling artistically moved by The Doors and The Beatles during my art classes in high school and college. Music was so inspiring to me as a student and a person.  

In fact, that’s the theme of this year’s Music In Our Schools Month: Music Inspires.

It is so simple and meaningful, and it’s also something all of us can do within our libraries, classrooms, and homes to make a difference for the children in our lives. As we celebrate Music In Our Schools Month, I want to share how the beautiful songs and stories from Cantata Learning can bring that inspiration.  

Here are 10 ways Cantata Learning inspires:

Cantata Learning inspires singing, movement, and reading through stories and songs.

Cantata Learning inspires as it sets the tone by lifting us up or calming us down.

Cantata Learning inspires learning.

Cantata Learning inspires children to be responsible.

Cantata Learning inspires children to pay attention and focus.

Cantata Learning helps us embrace our uniqueness as well as our differences.

Cantata Learning inspires happiness.

Cantata Learning inspires children to feel safe.

Cantata Learning inspires teachers as they are teaching.

Cantata Learning inspires parents as they use the books at home.

My friend, Tracy Ferguson, who is a 2nd grade teacher at Van Meter Community School in Van Meter, Iowa, uses Cantata Learning everyday to inspire her students:

My students smile every time they read and sing along with a Cantata book. They engage the students to want to read with their peers. The books may begin with a simple and familiar nursery rhyme or fairy tale, but goes so much further. My Cantata library is creative, loud, and fun for everyone in my class!  It is inspiring to all! Love, Learn, and Lyrics!

Music inspires in so many ways. It turns our libraries and classrooms into a celebration of learning, inspiring all of us to be ourselves, to be creative, to be excited about our voices, and to be aware.

Celebrate with Cantata Learning!

As we celebrate Music In Our Schools Month, we’d love to hear how Cantata Learning and music inspires your students too. Please use the hashtag #LoudLibraries to share your ideas and we will share all of these stories and tips in a Storify at the end of the month.

We want our children to embrace and remember the experiences we bring to them as teacher librarians, educators, and parents. In thinking about this, focus on the theme for Music In Our Schools Month and remember…

Music Inspires.



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