Winter Around the World: Harmony Project Spotlight

January 5, 2017

Winter break may be over, but WINTER is just getting started. As classes resume, perhaps you are looking for ways to explore this season in new ways. With Cantata Learning’s book and song Winter as the jumping off point, engage your students in a discovery process that involves student communities from around the world!

Check out Cantata Learning’s Winter Around the World Harmony Project. This project is ongoing, allowing classes to continue contributing to and growing the project each year.

We’ve had a lot of amazing entries so far. We want to celebrate that by showcasing what students across the globe have been coming up with. Whether it’s to find a new appreciation for this season, or to recharge your creative lesson planning, go ahead and grab some inspiration below.

Winter in Dubai

It’s a digital world! At the Dubai American Academy, Ms. Erin Williams integrated technology into her first graders’ artistic explorations of winter. The students created Google Drawings to express their thoughts on what winter is like in Dubai, and how they like to enjoy this season.

Winter in Houston, Texas

Facts are fun! Librarian Karyn Lewis worked with 2nd grade students to create a report of wide ranging topics related to winter. Students explored weather, clothing, activities, and culture to recognize, appreciate, and share their experience of winter. The information was built into a presentation.

Winter in Athens, Georgia

Lights, camera, action! Librarian Andy Plemmons’ 2nd grade students collaborated by creating artistic representations of their favorite parts of winter. The pictures were then recorded and spliced into video presentations. An excellent exercise in art, writing, and video production!

Join In

A huge thank you to all of the schools that have participated thus far.

So, are you interested in celebrating the season in new, creative ways? Are you wondering how to help your students make new connections to the world around them? Our collection of current projects are only the beginning!

Decide on a project for your class or school. Then send us the final project to post online. We can’t wait to see what you can do!