Give a Shout to Your Community Harmony Project

Give a Shout Out Videos

We want to showcase your community! Each week during the Give a Shout Out to Your Community project we will feature a special community. Send us a short video that shows what’s unique about your community. We’ll share the videos on social media and the Cantata Learning web site.

Watch the Give a Shout Out video that Tracy Ferguson’s second grade class at Van Meter Elementary School in Iowa put together that shares all kinds of unique things about their community.

Here's what to do...

  1. Pick the community you’d like to give a shout out to. It could be your school, city, state, or any other community you and your students are a part of.
  2. Brainstorm with students what the most important and interesting things are that you want people to know about your community. Is your school named after a famous person? Is there a cool geographic feature or landmark in your town? Who are the people everyone knows? This could be the principal, mayor, soccer coach, or even the person who owns the best ice cream parlor in town.

3. Once you’ve decided what you want to tell people about your community, create a short video. You could have students write a song or play that you record them performing, or you could take to the streets and video students giving a tour of their community.

Submit your video

Once you’ve created your video, send it to us! Make sure the video is hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or another video-sharing service. Complete the form below and include the url where the video is hosted. Then keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and the Cantata web site to see your Give a Shout Out video shared with the world.

You must be within the United States and 18 years or older to participate in the Give a Shout Out video project. Teachers and parents can submit on behalf of their students and children, and can submit as many times as they’d like. By submitting a photo or video that features any students, teachers are agreeing that they’ve obtained parental consent to have the likeness of their child posted on the Internet in a way that’s accessible by the public.