Five Speckled Frogs


Five very hungry frogs are sitting on a very special log eating some most delicious bugs. But something is making them jump right back in the water. Sing along with paired text and music as you count backward from five to find out why. This hardcover library bound book comes with CD and online music access.

Author Steven Anderson
Illustrated by Tim Palin
Music Arranged & Produced by Mark Oblinger

Hardcover $33.99 list / $25.49 s/l

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Series: Sing-along Songs | View more titles in this series
  • Text set to music
  • CD/web access to song
  • Reinforced library binding
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Glossary
  • Critical Thinking Activities
  • Read More Resources
  • Sheet Music for Each Song
Reading Level Grade: 1-3
Reading Level Age: 6-8
Interest Level Grade: PreK-3
Interest Level Age: 3-8
Hardcover: $33.99 list / $25.49 s/l
Trim Size: 11 x 9
Pages: 24
ISBN: 978-1-63290-384-6
Music Instrumentation: guitar, bass, hand drums, guiro, marimba, drum set, other percussion
Music Fun Facts:
The guiro, a percussion instrument made from a gourd, is featured in this song. To play it, the musician rubs the ridges on the side of the gourd with a stick. Depending on how the stick is moved, the guiro can sound like a frog as it does in this song.