Booklist March 15, 2018

REVIEW of Debugging: You Can Fix It!:

“The book’s publisher is dedicated to teaching through reading and song, and this volume in the Lesson Plan: Code It! series (4 titles) applies its signature approach to the subject of debugging. Using the example of a model train that won’t work, the story follows three kids as they systematically check the train and its track to find the source of the problem. This relatable scenario aptly demonstrates the concept of debugging code without needing to be anywhere near a computer, unless it’s to play the book’s accompanying song. The rhyming text and refrain stand on their own but will firmly install themselves into listeners’ brains once set to music. That, combined with the cheerful, large-scale illustrations, makes the book ideal for group sharing. A great introduction to coding concepts.”

— Julia Smith


Stockland, Patricia M. (Author) , Sánchez, Sr. (Illustrator)
Jan 2018. 24 p. Cantata, library edition, $32.47. (9781684101450). 643.



Algorithms: Solve a Problem!

Debugging: You Can Fix It!

Loops: Repeat, Repeat!

Sequences: Order Matters!


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