Cantata Learning Teaching Notes

Cantata Learning

Bringing books to life – through music.

Why is music important for information acquisition and retention, and as a basis for literacy?

Where words leave off, music begins. Heinrich Hein

From a sweet lullaby to the tunes that fill our cars as teens, our lives seem set to music from birth to adulthood. It starts with a nursery rhyme and the oh-so-familiar ABC’s. What feels like a simple sing-songy game is actually helping children to learn the basics long before they enter a formal classroom setting. Music brings concepts to life providing even the earliest of learners a sensory experience that enhances the learning environment and motivates them to playfully engage with words, themes, rhymes and repetition in a positive, interactive way.

Music provides a beautiful backdrop to the development and enrichment of literacy. Music increases oral language through listening and singing. It builds vocabulary and pre-reading skills which, in turn, builds confidence – a powerful attribute for emerging readers.

The rhyme and rhythm that music offers help build an important pre-reading foundation assisting in the development of important reading skills such as identifying syllables in words, recognizing words in similar families (like all, tall, fall, and wall), learning to predict text, and even aiding in the retention of information and ideas.

Music brings learning to life.