Five Points for Writing Songs

The words to a song, the lyrics, are really a poem. Think about your favorite songs or poems and what you like about them. Are they funny? Are they exciting? Do they use colorful words? Do they use words that are fun to say out loud? You can write lyrics, a poem, that gives other people those same feelings.

  1. What do you like about your library? Make a list of words and ideas that tell us what you like about it.
  2. Write out sentences that use those words and ideas.
  3. Can you find words that rhyme and make sense at the end of your sentences?
  4. For fun, and for practice, sing a favorite song together and write down the words, the lyrics. Can you write sentences about your library that will match the tune of the song?

(These will become the verses to your song.)

  1. What’s the most important thing about your library? What do you want to make sure that everyone knows about the library?

This part, the sentences you write about this most important thing can be your chorus. And remember that choruses are repeated. You should repeat the section at the end of each verse.