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The Happy Moose book and CD (978-1-63290-551-2 $25.49) is from the Cantata Learning educational series for elementary audiences that pairs books with original music/song lyrics to teach young readers through music, movement, art, and text. Geared to children between ages 3 and 9 years, Cantata Learning books teach by using books and music to activate all parts of the brain. The Happy Moose presents a song about happy feelings, one emotion that children and all people share. The introduction assures readers that all people have many emotions, sad, angry, scared, as well as happy, and that it is ok to share emotions with friends and family. The following pages have song lyrics of the song’s verses accompanied by cheery, bright pictures. “Moose is happy when the sun comes out. His fur feels nice and warm. He likes to sing and shout. Sing and shout, that’s what we do. Now you can feel happy, too!” In subsequent verses, children read/sing about what makes robin and polar bear happy too. Each refrain asks, “What makes you happy, happy, happy?…. Can you tell me what you do?” A CD recording of the book, the song, and the instrumental accompaniment is included, in addition to a scan code for use with a mobile app. There is also a score of the song melody, the complete song lyrics of The Happy Moose, and a glossary plus suggested guided reading activities. The Happy Moose is a fantastic, stimulating, engaging learning approach that entices young readers to participate, promoting physical, cognitive, and social and emotional learning.