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“Halloween” is an imaginative book and CD combo from the Cantata Learning juvenile series that explains and celebrates the holiday of Halloween in verse, song, and appropriately spooky illustrations. The exciting, jaunty song story exemplifies a philosophy of learning that combines music with reading to teach children through physical learning, cognitive learning, and social and emotional learning channels simultaneously. “Halloween” explores unforgettable holiday history and customs while inviting children to celebrate with song, dance and mummery. The poem and song story finishes with a page of printed song lyrics, the written song notation, a glossary, and suggested guided reading activities. Reference to other resources for information on how children celebrate Halloween is included under the To Learn More section. “Pirates dance and witches laugh, “It’s time to trick-or-treat!” Vampires prowl and werewolves howl, “Tonight is Halloween!” (Boo) It’s time to trick-or-treat! Tonight is Halloween!”