TCM Reviewing and Viewing March 2017

“An adaptation of the children’s song “Ten in the Bed,” this book explores the pattern of one less each time a pig rolls over and falls out of bed. After reading the book with multiple preschool and kindergarten classes, I found that preschoolers were more likely to use fingers to visually count “one less” than kindergartners. The bright colors and comedic faces in the book engaged students with the feelings and actions of the pigs on the ground. Illustrations showing pigs both in and out of bed helped students see number patterns within ten (e.g., when four pigs were in bed, six pigs were out). The words can be sung as an illustrated song with the sheet music (p. 23), enclosed CD, website, or QR code.

The change in word pattern partway through was a challenge that disrupted student participation. The first seven pigs are consistent with the original lyrics. The lyric pattern changes for the eighth and ninth pigs, then changes again for the last pig. The loss of the sing-song pattern affected student counting with preschoolers.

Overall, I recommend this book to preschool and kindergarten teachers as an interactive read-aloud or small group discussion. However, I suggest reading it without a sing-song intonation first and adding the music later.”

— Kristy Litster, Utah State University–Logan.

Stream or download the song for free!

Ten Pigs In Bed. Steven Anderson, 2016. ISBN 978-163290-385-3. 24 pp. further reading. glossary. Cantata Learning. Jan. 2016. lib. ed. $33.99.