Series Made Simple, SLJ November 2017

REVIEW of Read, Sing, Learn: Homophones!:

PreS-Gr 1–Homophones and homonyms are delightfully challenging, as this simple series attests. The refrain “Words can be tricky, words can be sticky” is repeated throughout this musical, rhyming set. A note to parents and teachers begins each title, explaining why daily reading and singing is vital to young learners. Three titles feature homonyms, while An Exciting Tale and an Animal’s Tail focuses solely on homophones. Clear and colorful illustrations and upbeat lyrics keep the texts from getting clunky. The rhymes will grow on young listeners as they follow along and understand the distinctions between words that sound the same but have different meanings. ­VERDICT Strongly consider for collections that need to update existing titles on homonyms and homophones.

ea vol: O’Connor, Stephen. illus. by Annabel Tempest. 24p. (Read, Sing, Learn: Homophones!). further reading. glossary. w/CD. Cantata Learning. Sept. 2017. lib. ed. $33.99.



Birds Can Fly and a Fly Goes Buzz!: Tricky, Sticky Words

Brush Your Gums and Chew Some Gum: Tricky, Sticky Words

An Exciting Tale and an Animal’s Tail: Tricky, Sticky Words

Put on Your Glasses and Drink from a Glass: Tricky, Sticky Words


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