SLJ Reviews, February 2017

Simple fairy tales set to rhyme accompanied by a number of musical opportunities. Each book opens with a brief introductory spread and then quickly launches into a succinct if unadorned retelling. Karabatzia’s illustrations in The Gingerbread Man adeptly follow the action and the liveliness of the story, whereas Lebrun’s in Three Little Pigs are less successful. Each title comes complete with sheet music, a QR code from which educators can access the music electronically, and a CD. In the back matter, the tales are also arranged into song lyrics with labeled verses and choruses. Consider wherever fairy tale musical retellings are in high demand.

ea vol: 24p. (Fairy Tale Tunes). further reading. glossary. Cantata Learning. Aug. 2016. lib. ed. $33.99.


The Gingerbread Man: A Favorite Story in Rhythm and Rhyme.

Three Little Pigs: A Favorite Story in Rhythm and Rhyme.


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