Using Cantata Learning – 3rd Grade & Beyond Teaching Notes

Cantata Learning

Even the strongest student appreciates a playful, joyful approach to the teaching of curriculum concepts. Cantata Learning provides just the hook needed to engage the older student in concepts that may feel dull, mundane, or just plain confusing. Many of Cantata Learning’s series are perfect as is for introducing shapes, math concepts, the animal world, science concepts, important people in history, and even the planets. For students at the younger end of this spectrum, the song and book are a playful and engaging way to familiarize themselves with a topic before moving on to large group instruction, skills practice, and assessment. For the older learner – the books become a surprising and stimulating way to kick-off an assignment, a project, or an entire unit. Introducing a topic with a picture book and music is not only unexpected, but a light-hearted, good-humored way to engage older students of all learning styles and levels. The book combined with the CD provides an unexpected twist on lessons and topics grabbing attention from the onset, boosting interest levels, and making a less than exciting topic – well, awesome!